Wide Format Technologies

Plotters and Printers for Large Projects!

Here are just a few reasons why you should:

Edge-to-Edge border-less printing

Many of the machines we offer have edge-to-edge printing and scanning, so you won’t see any blank areas. You can utilize the entire width of the paper, without wasting any!

24″ up to 72″ Technologies Available!

From large projects to REALLY large projects, we’ve got you covered! Need to print a 6ft x 20ft banner? Can do! Tell us what you would use a wide-format machine for below!

Waterproof Banners, Slap-on Posters

You can make life-size decals of yourself, or make your banner safe to leave up in the rain! Find out more about paper choices. Our architectural customers and contractors use these for building plans and blueprints.

Here’s what our clients say:

We had a server crash and our business was down for 3 days with our previous IT company. We hired AOT and now I sleep great at night knowing that they are taking care of the technical stuff so I can help my patients.

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